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TestWizard Automation Suite

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TestWizard is a test automation tool suite that along with the rack-based hardware allows multiple applications to be tested with test jobs being distributed to each device individually. This allows parallel testing using testing resources in the most efficient way, shortening the execution time of your testing and providing quick feedback on software quality. Using TestWizard the time spent on repetitive testing tasks is highly reduced while test coverage and test consistency is guaranteed.

TestWizard provides the required functionality to manage automated test execution on various device types by controlling the devices and interpreting test object behavior in an automated way. It supports automation of both functional and non-functional (performance, stability, stress, etc.) test cases.

The unrivalled architecture of TestWizard allows automated testing of full end-to-end user scenarios involving multiple device types such as Set-Top Boxes, web applications, mobile devices and web services.

The TestWizard tool suite consists of two core components, being TestWizard ScriptStudio and TestWizard Manager.

TestWizard Manager

TestWizard Manager is the web based test automation management application. It functions as the heart of a test automation framework which can be a distributed system covering multiple locations and device types. Using TestWizard Manager your test automation activities are securely managed from any device that is connected to the internet.

Using TestWizard Manager all test automation activities involving multiple automation tools and multiple geographical locations are managed from one centralized interface. TestWizard Manager has excellent integration capabilities and can manage test automation tools and equipment running at different geographical locations. With TestWizard Manager the time spent on resource management, scheduling test runs and processing test results is highly reduced while accuracy and efficiency is guaranteed.

TestWizard ScriptStudio

TestWizard ScriptStudio software allows creation, debugging and maintenance of script based test cases in a flexible and efficient manner. TestWizard ScriptStudio provides a very intuitive IDE for the development of test automation scripts.

The revolutionary design of TestWizard ScriptStudio allows fast creation of robust test scripts with limited programming skills. Using integrated wizards and support tools test engineers are able to create test scripts using point and click approach rather than complex coding.

Test Wizard

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